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Cursed and haunted treasures

King Tut

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Cursed and Haunted Treasures

Anyone weighing a potential investment must calculate its risk-to-reward ratio. Can this item generate returns that make buying it worth it, and if it doesn't, can you handle the downside?

Risk can entail unusual things, such as becoming part of an investment's grisly history. A few treasures, curios and keepsakes have become the stuff of legend, as one owner after another has fallen prey to bad luck—with sometimes-fatal results.

These treasures are rumored to be cursed or haunted. That can't be proved, of course, so every such case resides in the limbo of urban legend and ancient superstition. Nonetheless, many of them have track records that even the most entrenched skeptic might find hard to ignore.

Read ahead and find out about valuable treasures that have been said to provide more of a return on investment than their owners bargained for.

By Daniel Bukszpan
Published 23 April 2013

Lennart Preiss | AFP | Getty Images