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Small businesses you can’t believe exist

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Hangover Helpers

A hangover is one of the more horrific physical ailments one can experience. A marriage of splitting headache, seasick nausea and aversion to daylight worthy of Count Dracula, it's a high price to pay for having one too many, and it's made worse when drinking at one's own home, which often gets trashed in the process.

Luckily, a business known as Hangover Helpers exists to cater to the needs of this vertical. According to its website, it will provide a bottle of Gatorade and a breakfast burrito cooked in your own kitchen, then "sweep, mop and vacuum every room where the party happened [and] take care of all your dirty dishes, pots, pans and trash," all on the basis of just $20 per roommate.

David Sutherland | Photographer's Choice | Getty Images