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The 10 Best States for Retirement (Regrets to Florida)

Paul O'Donnell, Special to

10 Best States for Retirement

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Choosing a place to retire is a matter of taste. Some of us think deserts, others small, amenity-laden towns, while still others dream of Paris. "The hardest thing to measure in these rankings is quality of life," said Chris Kahn, research and statistics analyst for the personal-finance site

So in assembling its annual list of best states for retirement this year, Bankrate focused only on the tangibles. Weighing hard data like taxes, cost of groceries and gas, access to medical care, crime rates and temperature, its analysts came up with 10 places that provide the basics of a happy, healthy life in retirement.

If the selections are a little outside the box, they may at least get you thinking about what your prime parameters are for the ideal retirement spot.

Click ahead to view Bankrate's 10 states for retirement.

By Paul O'Donnell
Posted 6 May 2013