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Countries That Consume the Most Alcohol

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10. United States

Per capita alcohol consumption: 129.3 liters

United States, the world's biggest economy, is the only country in North and South America to rank in the top 10.

The mature U.S. alcohol market saw growth of only 0.5 percent last year from 2011, with beer accounting for more than 81 percent of all drinks consumed. Wine accounted for over 10 percent of alcohol consumption, while spirits made up 6 percent. A government study in February showed that too many Americans still "drink too much," with 18 percent of men and 11 percent of women drinking more alcohol than federal guidelines recommend, Reuters reported. The advised limit is two drinks a day for men and one for women.

Drinking has also been linked to high levels of obesity in the U.S. with Americans eating more calories and fat on days they also have alcoholic drinks, according to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism. In January, meanwhile, a U.S. federal health agency survey showed that one in every eight women and one in five high school girls binge drink, that is consume four or more drinks over a short period.

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