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9. (tie) Singapore Straits (4 Pirate Attacks)

Attacked Vessels: De Hui and Haiyangshiyou 229

National Flag: China

Vessel Types: Tug and Barge

Date: Jan. 8, 2013

De Hui was steaming with its barge, Haiyangshiyou, under tow in the Singapore Straits, seen here, when she was approached by a speed boat just after 5 p.m. Six pirates on the much swifter craft pulled alongside Haiyangshiyou, boarded her, grabbed various goods from the deck and quickly made their escape. But it wasn't over for De Hui. After night fell, another speedboat came alongside the tug itself. Two pirates in camouflage leaped aboard, overpowered De Hui's boatswain, threw him to the deck and held him at knifepoint. The ship's master, seeing the commotion, raised a general alarm. De Hui's crew mustered and the pirates, seeing the men gathering against them, released the boatswain and fled. They managed to steal nothing.

Andrew Rowat | Image Bank | Getty Images