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Australian Dollar (AUD) 2.75%

The Aussie is known as the "King of the Carry".

With major central banks offering such low interest rates, it's not just the classic Aussie-yen – but also the Aussie-U.S. dollar and Aussie-euro currency pairs – that are viewed as attractive. The Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) cut the base rate to a record-low of 2.75% this month, but the country still has the highest interest rates of any triple-A rated country.

Yield-seeking inflows have inflated the Australian dollar, and analysts are starting to warn the currency is due for a major correction.

Rumors that George Soros might be behind a $1 billion bet placed against the Aussie right before the RBA monetary policy meeting hit the currency and fueled expectations that the tide is turning.

Australia's commodity-heavy economy is also dependent on its biggest export market, China, meaning that a slowdown in the Chinese economy could further pressure the Aussie.

Hamish Blair | Getty Images Sport