The 'Next Big Things' in Wearable Tech

The 'Next Big Things' in Wearable Tech


With Apple under pressure, CEO Tim Cook said the company would release "several more game changers," hinting that wearable computers could be among them. The rumor mill went into overdrive following his comments as to what products the tech giant could release with Cook explaining that he was cool on Google Glass but liked the idea of technology for the wrist.

But it's not only Apple and Google that are innovating with wearables. New research by analysts at Credit Suisse calls wearable tech "the next big thing" and details how investors should be correctly placed for an industry set to grow from around $3 billion to $5 billion today to $50 billion within five years.

"It will take a few years, but wearable computing will be widely adopted among the mass affluent," David Pringle, a freelance content consultant for the tech industry, told CNBC. "At the moment, we use smartphones to do all kinds of jobs, but they aren't really optimized for any of them. For some applications, the pendulum will swing back to more single-purpose devices."

Whether it's controlling your computer, tracking your marathon training or even just stopping you from slouching, CNBC lists the new tech that you may be slipping on before you walk out the front door.

By Matt Clinch,
Posted 30 May 2013

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