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Scenes From Turkey's Protests

A series of protests in Turkey against the government of Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan has rocked that country since May 28, rattling investor confidence and hurting the country's currency.

The protesters, a loosely organized group of political liberals, secularists, students and professionals, have accused Erdogan and his AKP party of adhering increasingly to the demands of the party's conservative, religious elements. However, Erdogan remains popular in Turkey as a whole and has vowed not to back down from the protesters whom he variously labels as terrorists, vandals or saboteurs.

Many of the following images come from part-time photographer Charles Emir Richards, who posted them on June 2 on his Facebook page, with the message, "You don't need my permission to share the photos. I think it is especially important that people outside of Turkey share them to let it be known what is going on here."

Here, a protester with a slingshot stands behind a protective barrier from police. Click ahead for more scenes from the Turkish protests.

By Ted Kemp, CNBC.com
Posted 11 June 2013, updated 12 June

Charles Emir Richards via Facebook