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Crazy Crowdfunding: Bug Gun, Squirrels and More

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Girls Need to Pee, Too

Goal: $30,000

Raised: $26,201

Lines for the ladies room often seem longer—particularly when restrooms are in short supply. That's been the case for years at the James J. Musso Boys & Girls Club in Lakeland, Fla., said director of development Kelly Lane. Because the facility was originally a boys club, male toilets outnumbered female ones by 3 to 1, requiring the female campers to use portable toilets for the past two summers. Lane said the club, like many nonprofits, was operating on a slim budget. "We needed the funds, but we needed it to have a built-in audience," she said. Their GoFundMe campaign, in conjunction with local fund-raising efforts, generated enough to build new restrooms, which opened in early June.

Image source: Kelly Lane