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America’s unusual roadside businesses

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Clown Motel

If you were traumatized as a child by reading "It" or watching "Poltergeist," avoid going to 521 N. Main St. off U.S. Highway 95 in Tonopah, Nevada. That's the site of the Clown Motel, which gets its name from the clown paintings, clown mannequins, clowns on doors and clowns in pretty much every other context that a coulrophobe would not wish to encounter.

Despite the single-mindedness of the proprietors, the motel doesn't skimp on the essentials. The Yelp reviews are nearly unanimous in describing it as "clean," and despite the small matter of being situated right next to an unlit cemetery that has been closed for 100 years, the reviewers were too busy gushing over the free continental breakfast to report hearing any ghoulish cries from the undead.

Ken Lund | Wikimedia Commons