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Scenes From the Egyptian Protests

Hundreds of thousands of Egyptian demonstrators gather in Cairo's landmark Tahrir square during a protest calling for the ouster of President Mohamed Morsi on July 1, 2013. Egypt's armed forces warned that it will intervene if the people's demands are not met within 48 hours, after millions took to the streets to demand the resignation of Morsi

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Scenes From the Egyptian Protests

Protesters have turned out by the millions throughout Egypt to demand the resignation of President Mohamed Morsi this week, gathering at places including Tahrir Square in Cairo, where just over two years ago protesters brought down the regime of Hosni Mubarak.

Their gathering would eventually lead to Morsi's ouster as well on July 3, 2013. In his place, Adly Mansour, chairman of the Supreme Constitutional Court—a judge appointed to Egypt's constitutional court by Hosni Mubarak—was sworn in as interim president.

Pictured here, Egyptian opposition protesters march, chant and wave flags during a demonstration in Tahrir Square. Click ahead to glimpse more images of protests shaking up Egypt.

By Ted Kemp, Senior News Editor,

Posted 2 July 2013, updated 3 July 2013.

Mohamed El-Shahed | AFP | Getty Images