Top designers pick best convertible car designs of all time

Top Auto Designers Pick Their Top Convertibles
Ilya Terentyev | Vetta | Getty Images

The beach. Barbecues. Family get-togethers. All things "summer." And what better way to enjoy the good weather than in a convertible! Dropping the top and hitting the road is a summer "must-do."

To celebrate the season, we asked some of the auto industry's top designers to chime in with their favorite convertibles of all-time:

  • Walter de Silva—head of group design, Volkswagen AG
  • Ralph Gilles—president and CEO, SRT brand and motorsports and senior vice president, product design, Chrysler Group LLC
  • J Mays—group vice president, design and chief creative officer, Ford Motor
  • Adrian van Hooydonk—head of design, BMW Group
  • Ed Welburn—GM vice president, global design

What follows are the cars that at least two of these designers think should make our all-time best convertible design list. Be sure to read all the way to the end to discover their full lists. And be sure to check out our classic car value showdown—sexy curves vs. pure muscle—to learn how design affects classic car values.

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By Robert Melstein, CNBC Development Producer
Posted 6 July 2013