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Top designers pick best convertible car designs of all time

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Alfa Romeo Duetto Spider

Selected by: de Silva, Gilles, Mays, van Hooydonk
Original MSRP: $3,950 (1967 model)
Average current value: $23,288 (1967 model)

This Italian beauty is one of the two convertibles that made four out of our five designers' lists. It's also a pop culture icon, appearing in the 1967 Mike Nichols' classic, "The Graduate." And just as Mrs. Robinson (Anne Bancroft) tried to seduce Ben Braddock (Dustin Hoffman) in the film, the Alfa seduced our all-star design panel. Gilles notes a "fantastically elegant rounded tail that made the vehicle appear even lower and sleeker in the rear view," while van Hooydonk adds "not many words required: simply [Italian design firm] Pininfarina's masterpiece for Alfa." And deSilva calls the car "very romantic." Coo, coo ca-choo Duetto Spider.

Image source: Alfa Romeo Automobilsmo Storico