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Top designers pick best convertible car designs of all time

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Jaguar XKE/E-Type

Selected by: de Silva, Gilles, Mays, van Hooydonk
Original MSRP: $5,595 (1962 model)
Average current value: $80,407 (1962 E-type SI model)

The same four designers who picked the Alfa Romeo Spider also are in agreement about this '60s-era cat (1961 model pictured). They're in some pretty good company. As the story goes, when Enzo Ferrari (yes, as in "that" Ferrari) first saw the Jaguar he said it was the most beautiful automobile he had ever seen. De Silva and van Hooydonk love the "long bonnet." Gilles adds his "heart skips a beat when I see one in person." And how many cars can brag about being in a world-class art museum's collection? Mays notes that an E-type Jag is "a permanent exhibit at the New York Museum of Modern Art—kind of says it all, doesn't it?"

Image source: Jaguar Land Rover