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Top designers pick best convertible car designs of all time

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Chevrolet Corvette

Selected by: Gilles, Welburn
Original MSRP: $3,465 (1957 model)
Average current value: $61,492 (1957 model with 270 hp engine)

It's probably no surprise that the name "Corvette" appears on our list of best convertible designs of all-time. The real debate could be over which Corvette model years possess the best design elements. Both Gilles and GM's Welburn picked 1950s era 'Vettes. Gilles likes the 1955 for its "unforgettable sculpture and great balance of muscular beauty." These are pretty rare, too: Only 700 were made. Welburn checks the Corvette box with the 1957 (pictured here). He notes that it "was a very pure design statement for the brand." Also of note, 1957 was the first year that fuel injection was an option.

Image source: General Motors