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The Informants: Murder, Money & Scandal

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The Informants

In major criminal cases, informants can be worth their weight in gold. Armed with knowledge only an insider could possess, one informant has the power to topple an entire criminal organization. While some crooks go turncoat after a change of heart, others are just looking out for themselves.

Use their testimony as currency, criminals can walk away from a life of crime and retribution with essentially a slap on the wrist and a brand-new identity.

Shocking? Well, when given the choice of prosecuting a single person or taking down the whole group, it becomes less so. Whether these canaries are singing for justice or just trying to stay out of the cage, they're responsible for helping to clean up the streets.

From money to murder, we've assembled some of the most scandalous cases to rock the news.

By Tiffany Champion
Posted 25 July 2013

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