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Most unfair, psychopathic, rotten bosses on TV and film

Worst bosses

Mr. Burns from "The Simpsons."
Image source: Fox

Who doesn't love to hate a mean boss? They've been great fodder for TV, stage, films and cartoons. They're not always so much fun in real life, though.

Researchers are looking into what makes a bad boss tick, and what they are finding isn't always pretty.

Industrial organizational psychologist Paul Babiak said about 4 percent of the 203 executives he studied were diagnosable psychopaths, compared to about 1 percent of the broader population. A person is considered a psychopath if they score very high on an evaluation that looks at four factors and finds that they are particularly manipulative, without remorse or empathy, live a deviant lifestyle and are antisocial.

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Published 26 July 2013