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Way, way back in 2006, when the burgeoning social network was still called "the facebook," there was a man's face on its homepage. It was digitized in such a way that Mashable incorrectly identified the gentleman as the famous actor Al Pacino.

But alas, J. Geils Band fans knew the truth, it was lead singer Peter Wolf's face being covered by zeroes and ones, literally.

The NY-based design company Cuban Council came up with the lowercase style that hundreds of millions of users see every day.

On Facebook's website, CC explains how it went down: "Back when nobody gave a toss about thefacebook.com, we were visited by one Mr. Zuckerberg at our SF offices. Quizzically, he asked us 'Tell me... guys, what is 'design?'" In response, we pulled out this awesome kick-ass logo from our backpacks, flicked it casually across the table and said ... 'Mark. Dude. Does this answer your question?'"

In 2013, Facebook did a light touch-up on the main "f" logo by flattening it out and removing the now-forgotten blue bar near the bottom of the brand.

Image source: Facebook