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Motorola is another tech company that has been around the block and has gone through some branding facelifts as its business has transitioned from radios to TVs to computer chips. The classy script of 1947 was soon replaced in 1955 with the distinctive "M" in the center of the colored circle (usually black, blue or red).

When Google bought the flailing Illinois tech company in 2011, it altered the logo to include many colors as the outline of the circle and the words "a Google company" lest anyone forget.

Kalb said there have been both positive and negative reactions to the added verbiage.

"The bad is Google has this Android platform and they've sold it to other companies. Those companies are scared that [now] they won't get the same high-quality technology from Google as Motorola might get," Kahn said. Those other companies may fear that Motorola might get special, more-integrated versions of Google's technology, he added.

However, "Google has a good image, so it lifts up the Motorola brand and it will probably work for the consumers," Kahn said.

Image source: Motorola