Jim Cramer explodes on Greifeld's response to Nasdaq outage

It's somebody's job to say what's happening: Cramer

Nasdaq OMX Group CEO Bob Greifeld said Friday that the market was pleased with the way the exchange handled Thursday's three-hour outage—but Jim Cramer isn't buying it.

Really, really not buying it.

Cramer exploded on Twitter after Greifeld defended the exchange's handling of Thursday's unprecedented outage.

Cramer's tweet.

But Cramer was just getting started with the outrage, as his 40-minute Twitter rant illustrates.

"I think it's only fair that people have more information. I'd like to know under what circumstances is it absolutely not right to communicate with the public if you think you're protecting retail [investors] which is what Bob [Greifeld] said," Cramer said on CNBC.

"If it's not his job, maybe it should be the SEC's job. It's got to be somebody's job to just tell people look, 'Here's what's happening. These prices may not be right.'"

But Cramer wasn't done.

"I disagree with the notion that he [Bob Greifeld] didn't need to tell us [CNBC]. We have a studio [at the Nasdaq] ... why not come down and say we're doing our best?" he asked.

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