Advice to the interns: Want to succeed: Do this, not that

Gloria McDonough-Taub
Unscripted: CNBC interns get newsroom advice on life and careers

Ahhhh those interns; so young, so unjaded, so eager to learn.

Remember those days?

Millions of those "wanna get a good job" college kids are back in school, and preparing to send out their resumes, hoping to land the internship (and make those connections) that will change their lives.

It sure changed the lives for many of us here at CNBC.

Our interns, Luke Leifeste and Landon Dowdy have wrapped up their tour here at CNBC; writing stories, doing research, running errands, escorting guests to and from the set, refilling the copy machines, keeping us caffeinated, and even helping to set out the pizzas for "free lunch at work day."

There was no task too small or too demanding.

Before they left, they wanted some last minute advice. Armed with a camera crew and that youthful enthusiasm, they asked CNBC's anchors and reporters how they got their start - and how to land that dream job.

So in this special edition of "Unscripted" here is their report, proof to their professors (and parents) that their time here was well spent.

We wish them the best of luck and truly hope we were nice to them when, years from now, they end up being our bosses.

-By CNBC's Gloria McDonough-Taub