Strip-club DJs are real shakers in the music industry

Peter Mason | Stone | Getty Images

Atlanta strip clubs have become a hot bed for discovering musical artists, The Wall Street Journal reported Friday.

Coalition DJs, a group of the city's most powerful music industry figures, choose which underground artists will ultimately make it into mainstream stardom and which will remain unknown.

The strip-club spinners are highly selective, inviting a handful of artists each week to offer their best tracks. The DJs charge musicians an undisclosed fee, playing five of their songs two to three times a night for two months, mixed among tunes that are already getting radio time. The idea is that if a song can gain popularity in the club it's sure to get wider airplay.

"A lot of my records have to break out of those strip clubs," Yvette Davila, a promotion executive at Def Jam Recordings, a division of Vivendi's Universal Music Group, told the WSJ. "If they don't get that stamp of approval, they just won't make it."

The scene offered stars such as Outkast and Lil Wayne their first big-time exposure. And rap acts 2Chainz, Future and Migos said Coalition DJs are responsible for turning their recent records into hits.

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