Joe Theismann's stunning Super Bowl prediction

Joe Theismann's stunning Super Bowl prediction

Many know Joe Theismann for his considerable achievements on the football field (for the uninitiated, College Football Hall of Famer, two-time Pro-Bowler and Super Bowl XVII champion).

But it's his remarkable success OFF the gridiron that has earned him the admiration from both the business and athletic communities.

Theismann is not only a successful broadcaster, having worked stints on both Monday Night Football and Sunday Night Football and co-hosting the NFL Network's Playbook show, but he is also a rather accomplished restaurateur, having run the Joe Theismann Restaurant in Virginia since 1975.

(Check it out: Joe Theismann's)

There are three men in the world if business that Theismann says has most inspired him: Warren Buffett, Donald Trump and CNBC's very own Jim Cramer. Each, in their own unique way, has helped inform Theismann's business practices and sensibilities.

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But enough already, let's get to his Super Bowl picks, because to call it surprising would be an understatement. Check out the video for yourself.

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