Cramer's game plan for next week

The Fed effect

Should the Federal Reserve decide next week to begin dialing back its asset purchase program, Jim Cramer thinks there's a chance panicked investors will sell, sending the stock market lower and offering investors to buy stocks at a discount.

"I think when we hear that any tapering will occur, there will be some jokers out there who bail out of stocks," Cramer said. "When that happens, you need to be ready to buy some of the many stocks I've liked on this show because, other than the homebuilders and some of the housing supply companies, I don't think there will be that much earnings per share impact and that's all we really should care about."

The central bank currently purchases $85 billion a month in Treasury and mortgage bonds in its effort to stimulate the economy. The Fed will meet to discuss its monetary policy on Tuesday and Wednesday, and then announce its decision to make any changes on Wednesday afternoon. Cramer recommends investors have their "shopping list" ready by then.

What follows is a day-by-day look at the rest of his "game plan" for the days to come.

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Airline maker Boeing is scheduled to deliver its quarterly results. Cramer thinks the aerospace company will have positive things to say, despite its troubles with the Dreamliner.


Though the Fed meeting will likely get all the attention on Tuesday, Cramer plans to keep tabs on a few conferences, including the Morgan Stanley industrial conference on Tuesday and Wednesday, and the Citigroup global industrial conference on Tuesday.

Earnings from Emerson Electric and United Technologies are also on his calendar for Tuesday.


Today's the day we get the long-awaiting announcement from the Fed on its monetary policy. Yet Cramer still plans to monitor earnings results from FedEx. He thinks the package delivery company offers a "terrific view" of the global economy.

"If FedEx lowers the boom on the economy and its own numbers, you have to buy the stock, perhaps with both hands if we get a real big dip after the Fed has spoken. This is a beloved company and I don't see any sign that it has become scorned in any way," Cramer said. "If they say anything positive, I can tell you that it's going much higher."

Oracle is also scheduled to post earnings on Wednesday. Cramer said he can't figure out why this company has been having such a tough time lately, continually facing tough competition from rivals and SAP. He's not particularly optimistic that things will be different this time around, either.


Home furnishings retailer Pier 1 Imports will offer its quarterly results on Thursday. The retailer recently turned things around, Cramer said, by improving its merchandise, pricing and website. He thinks it will likely report more good news on Thursday, too.

Rite Aid is also expected to report on Thursday. Though the pharmacy space had long been dominated by rivals CVS Caremark and Walgreen, Cramer thinks Rite Aid is now competitive and worth monitoring.


No notable events, Cramer said.

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