Japan extends lucky streak on unlucky day

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While many market players consider Friday the 13th an unlucky day, historical data proves that Japanese stocks have traditionally emerged unscathed from the superstition.

2013 proved to be no exception as the Nikkei extended its lucky streak, posting its fourth Friday the 13th rise out of the past five occurrences.

Looking at the past four Friday the 13th performances, the Nikkei climbed three out of four times, while its U.S. and European counterparts didn't see any gains at all.

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Nikkei+13 points+115 points-68 points+41 points
Dow-97 pointsUnchanged-100 points-16 points
FTSE 100-19 points-5 points-19 points-9 points

Fear of Friday the 13, referred to as Friggatriskaidekaphobia, occurs at least once a year and could happen as many as three times in a single year.

While some investors may refuse to tempt fate and sell stocks, most experts ultimately take their trading cues from the day's news flow and looming risk events.

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"I understand that certain months or even days are traditionally good/bad to beholding risk assets, but I am a short term trader and thus will open a position based on a technical/fundamental view and close if the price action changes. Whether September was a traditionally a bad month would not concern me at all," Chris Weston, market strategist at IG told CNBC.

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