Morning Six-Pack: What we're reading Friday

Larry Summers
Jim Davis | Boston Globe | Getty Images

Happy Friday the 13th. Watch those ladders. And the black cats. And stay away from the mirrors.

So have you heard the big news? Did you get the scoop? Are you all tuned in now? Pfft. A report out of Japan, from the Nikkei newspaper, dropped the stunning news that Larry Summers is going to be the new Federal Reserve chief. Sorry, guys, but CNBC's John Harwood has been killing this story for weeks, and we at the 6-Pack have been hammering it over the head repeatedly.

Anyway, the left is completely freaking out over the reality of a Summers-led central bank, with liberal economist Dean Baker in a particularly frothy lather. Baker reveals that it's all the media's fault that Summers is getting the big chair.

One more on Summers: Some people are making the astonishing assumption that hiring a politician would politicize the Fed. Captain Renault would be shocked. Shocked, I say.

The other really big story this morning is about Twitter. Personally, we loved the tweet from CNBC's Jane Wells, who speculated the microblogger's initial public offering price would be, of course, $140. Here, though, are three things that could go wrong with the IPO.

More big doings on the White House economics team: Gene Sperling out, Jeffrey Zients in.

And, finally...Hank Paulson saved the world from itself. Yay, Hank! CNBC's Matthew Belvedere has the full report.

_ By CNBC's Jeff Cox. Follow him @JeffCoxCNBCcom on Twitter.