American Worldwide Agencies Provides Expert Support to Burgeoning Direct-to-Consumer Markets

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LONG BEACH, Calif., Sept. 16, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- American Worldwide Agencies (AWA), a global network of freight forwarders and agents, announced today that it is partnering with Australian e-commerce company Qannu to provide Qannu with an innovative direct-to-consumer internet shopping service. Qannu's services enable Australian consumers to order goods from any number of U.S. websites while paying only one international shipping charge.

Consumers can order through the Qannu website ( or directly from a U.S. e-retailer, using a shipping address that directs goods to a unique "mailbox" at the Qannu warehouse in Los Angeles. When an order arrives at the warehouse, the consumer can opt for immediate shipping to destination or ask that goods be held for consolidation with additional orders.

Qannu uses AWA to provide delivery of consolidated packages direct to the consumer's door in five to eight days, at a savings of up to 80 percent over traditional shipping methods. "The Australian consumer is looking for lowest price and a selection of products available in the U.S. market," says Bridget Speed, marketing director for Qannu.

"Without AWA's shipping and market knowledge of U.S. exports, we wouldn't have been able to go to market as rapidly and successfully as we have," she says, noting that Qannu has grown 400 percent over the last 12 months. "Saving customers 50 to 80 percent on shipping costs makes all the difference when it comes to the affordability of buying from American retailers," she says.

Moreover, AWA enables Qannu to eliminate the surprise of higher than anticipated shipping charges at checkout, which often causes online shoppers to abandon their shopping carts. Using proprietary software that AWA developed for Qannu, consumers can automatically calculate shipping costs as they shop. "We are able to guarantee the shipping cost for the consumer, thanks to AWA, so shoppers are better protected," says Speed. "We are expecting the upcoming holiday season to be our biggest ever and this is an important advantage."

Qannu ships from a wide range of e-tailers, including such brands as Sephora, Oakley, Guess, Toys R Us, Tiffany's and more. Qannu's no-fee service also includes access to special discount codes and up-to-date information on the best sales events online, Speed says.

Because of its expertise in dealing with Australian customs and import regulations, AWA also "makes the shipping experience simpler, easier and cheaper for Australian consumers," Speed says. "And AWA's technology gives us tracking capability and allows us to answer those 'where is my order' questions."

Another major advantage of Qannu's service over traditional methods, such as FedEx and DHL, is rapid delivery. AWA's five-to-eight day delivery time is due to its use of daily direct passenger flights and because it manages clearance and final distribution for the fastest possible door-to-door transit, says Andrew Scott, CEO of AWA.

"Going forward there is going to be much more of a drive to serve the consumer directly," says Scott. He cites recent reports that Australian online shoppers spent $14.1 billion over the last 12 months, with expectations for more sharp growth as traditional retailers expand their web-presence and offerings.

Qannu's successful strategy is enabling it to look toward expansion in additional markets, including the U.K, Western Europe and Asia, says Scott. "And U.S. retailers are partnering with Qannu because, from a logistics and technology standpoint, it is the fastest way for them to rapidly grow in the Australian consumer market. The sky is the limit on this service."

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