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BEIJING, Sept. 16, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Sino-Foreign Management magazine will organize The 22nd Sino-Foreign Management Seminar from November 2 - 4 in Beijing, China. The theme of the Seminar is: 2014. New Leaders, New Landscape, Concern new pattern of Chinese economy and the industry, under the guidance of "Li Keqiang economics", Resolve the core of "China miracle second quarter".

The Sino-Foreign Management Seminar founded in 1992 by "Sino-foreign management" magazine is the earliest organized and most successful entrepreneurs and Finance Annual Forum in China mainland, and hold meeting in autumn in Beijing each year for a period of two and a half days. The meeting gathered the representatives from government leaders, entrepreneurs, experts and scholars to deliver accurate, cutting-edge, useful coming year macro-economic, meso industry, trend information and analysis on micro-management as well as the social and cultural trend observation and thinking impact on economic development to the enterprise representatives and do interact with representatives on the scene.

Since entering the 21st century, the conference always kept on a scale of 1000 entrepreneurs pay and attend the meeting. Every year about 100 domestic top guests attended the meeting and did a speech, including Cheng Siwei, Li Zhaoxing, Li Shufu, Zhang Ruimin, etc. At the same time, Japan airlines chairman Kazuo inamori, the "father" of positioning, Al Ries, the author of the fifth discipline "Peter Senge", and other guests from overseas businesses, academia, also CEO in China region from IBM, GE, Intel, Microsoft , Boeing, Boston, Roland Begg, NASDAQ and JP Morgan chase attend many times.

Welcome friends from all circles at home and abroad. Please contact us to conduct extensive exchanges and cooperation.

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