Validian Completes Core Technology Platform Version 2.1 to Secure Web and Non-Mobile Applications

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OTTAWA, Sept. 16, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Validian Corp. (OTCQB:VLDI), the first-to-market with the next generation of cyber security technology for the management and protection of digital information, data and assets, today announced the completion of Version 2.1 of the Validian Core Technology Platform (CTP 2.1), an upgrade that extends Validian's platform to secure all web applications and non-mobile applications, thereby securing access of those applications as well as the storage, access or transfer of digital information through the applications.

With the completion of Version 2.1, Validian has now commenced the development of Validian CTP Version 3.0. Validian CTP Version 3.0 is the world's first technology to secure mobile applications working on, and the storage, access and transfer of digital information, data and assets on, all mobile devices working on the four main mobile operating system platforms: Google Android, Apple iOS, Microsoft Windows 8 and Blackberry 10. CTP Version 3.0 is scheduled for completion and release during Q4 2013.

Currently more than 90% of all cyber attacks are directed at both mobile and non-mobile applications. Recent revelations have confirmed that government agencies and hackers can crack the protective measures on Android, iPhones, Blackberry and Microsoft mobile devices giving them access to all users' data on all major smartphones. Furthermore, these government agencies and hackers are stealing digital information on mobile and non-mobile devices during transit before the encryption process or after the decryption process, or by stealing the cryptographic keys, which are stored by all hardware encryption and software encryption processes, in order to decrypt the encrypted data.

Validian is the first and only cyber security technology that:

  • authenticates applications thereby preventing all unauthorized access of any mobile or non-mobile application and thereby preventing these cyber attacks directed at both mobile and non-mobile applications;
  • encrypts all digital information at the data byte level inside the sending application and decrypts the digital information inside the receiving application so that the data never travels unencrypted before the encryption process or after the decryption process; and
  • dynamically changes all cryptographic keys so that no cryptographic keys are stored and therefore cannot be stolen to decrypt encrypted data.

Bruce Benn, Validian President and CEO, commented, "With the Windows 8 and Blackberry 10 mobile operating systems finally becoming available this year, we are very pleased with how quickly we have been able to migrate Validian's already proven feature set to secure web applications and non-mobile applications and the digital information stored, accessed and transferred thereon. Validian remains on target to complete its Version 3.0 securing mobile applications in Q4 and to provide its technology thereafter to 250,000 independent mobile application developers to enable them to develop rapidly the world's first secure mobile applications. These secure mobile applications are essential to unlocking the projected $200 billion annual market for secure mobile applications, which will generate hundreds of billions of dollars in sales of smartphones and tablets that have partnered with Validian to utilize Validian-enabled secure mobile applications."

About Validian Corporation

Validian Corporation (OTCQB:VLDI) is first-to-market with next generation cyber security technology that provides secure access, transfer and storage of digital information on wired, wireless and mobile networks over the Internet. Validian technology enables the next generation of secure Cloud Computing, Cloud Storage, Distributed Computing and Web Application and WebPortal Access and Usage for desktop & laptop computers, servers, tablets and SmartPhones.

The Company provides solutions that can be customized to the client's business process to ensure end-to-end authenticity, integrity and custody of high value digital assets. Validian is a U.S. public company with offices in the U.S. and Canada. Visit for more information on its digital asset solutions.

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