Russian Olympic site still in shambles, Putin anxious

Shayba Arena (front) and Fisht Olympic Stadium (behind) are seen as construction continues on August 21, 2013 in Sochi, Russia.
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Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered officials to quickly overcome failures and delays in preparing the Sochi Winter Olympics and said he expected nothing less than a 'brilliant Games".

The Black Sea resort city and Olympic village still resemble a construction site five months before the start of the Games on which Putin has staked a great deal of national and personal political prestige. Work is still under way on venues and other infrastructure.

Inspecting preparatory work, Putin told a senior government minister to report to him every two weeks.

He gave no details of the delays and problems, except to express consternation over recent flooding at Sochi airport, which has been upgraded by a company owned by Oleg Deripaska, one of Russia's top businessmen.

"Despite the large amount of work that has been done — it's a simply colossal amount — there are ongoing failures and delays which in general are normal for such a big job," Putin told local officials in Sochi.

"But I want to draw your attention to the start date for the Games and the fact that we cannot move it ... in order to cope with this problem, you need to work very effectively."

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Putin sees hosting the Olympics as a chance to show the world what Russia can achieve more than two decades after the Soviet Union collapsed. The cost of hosting the Games is expected to rise to $50 billion dollars, much more than expected initially and more than any other Olympics.