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Cramer: PMs could double down on this stock

BioMarin CEO on making a difference in patients' lives
BioMarin CEO on making a difference in patients' lives

If pros must buy health care, Cramer thinks they'll take a long hard look at this stock.

It's BioMarin Pharmaceutical.

Shares have surged a whopping 54% year to date, and Cramer thinks those gains will catch the attention of money managers; especially those looking to spruce up their portfolios with winners.

"They'll buy if only so that they can tell their clients, 'yeah, we own it, we're geniuses,'" Cramer said.

However, if they were to look at the business fundamentals, those money managers may like the stock for other reasons entirely.

As a cutting edge drugmaker, BioMarin Pharma is aggressively developing enzyme replacement therapies for rare genetic disorders that would otherwise go untreated.

Adam Jeffery | CNBC

"BioMarin has four drugs currently on the market: two of them treat a condition called MPS that causes horrific damage at a cellular level if left untreated, another one helps manage phenylketonuria or PKU, which can cause severe developmental problems and neurological issues, and BioMarin's fourth drug treats a rare autoimmune disorder that causes muscle weakness," Cramer explained.

Because all are orphan drugs they generate significant revenue; anywhere from $95,000 to $350,000 per patient per year. And Cramer says all the drugs have room to grow.

In addition, Cramer likes the pipeline potential.

"BioMarin currently has a terrific late-stage pipeline, with an enzyme replacement drug for another type of MPS that could be approved by the FDA in the first quarter of next year and might do $650 million in peak sales, Also, it has two more orphan drugs that are either in or about to start phase 3 development, including a treatment for Pompe disease, an often fatal disorder that disables the heart and skeletal muscles. If approved, it could generate $500 million in peak sales."

In addition, Cramer added the company is working on a potentially revolutionary treatment for breast and ovarian cancer that disrupts the DNA of tumor cells. "That could be a billion dollar drug," he said.

All told, Cramer sees plenty of fundamental reasons for the stock to rally. But that's not all. There are bullish chart patterns too.

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According to technical analysis from Cramer colleague Bob Lang, the founder and senior strategist at, BioMarin's chart is red hot. The stock recently broke out above its $66 ceiling of resistance on strong volume. Lang believes that's a significant buy signal.

Considering the technicals are positive, the fundamentals are positive and the practice of window dressing could buoy shares, even up 54% ytd, Cramer thinks Biomarin should have more room to run.

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