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Cramer’s lament: Lawmakers squandering huge opportunity

No Huddle Offense: The importance of renewable energy
No Huddle Offense: The importance of renewable energy

After a recent turn of events, Cramer worries that lawmakers are squandering an opportunity to generate serious prosperity.

That is, after speaking with a top lawmaker the Mad Money host felt that government was far too focused on alternative energy instead of leveraging the vast quantities of oil and gas recently discovered across parts of this nation.

Cramer thought if anyone would be a vocal advocate of domestic oil and gas it would be this lawmaker. "He's from a state where mining jobs have always been a mainstay of the economy," Cramer explained.

But that wasn't the case.

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This lawmaker and the rest of Washington "seem to be fighting oil and gas while subsidizing the heck out of ethanol and solar and electric cars," Cramer exclaimed.

The Mad Money host is convinced that if lawmakers embraced the oil and gas discoveries, the resulting boom would create a myriad of jobs and buoy more than a few local economies.

"Pipelines punch above their weight when it comes to job creation," Cramer insisted.

In fact, he believes the oil and nat gas deposits are so vast they could make North America energy independent and therefore free our nation from the political turmoil in the Middle East.

And he firmly believes the energy can be obtained safely and that an emphasis on domestic nat gas would also improve the environment. "The skies would be cleaner," he said.

However, lawmakers just don't get it, Cramer insisted.

"This squandered opportunity is painful even as objection after objection has been met," said the disgusted Mad Money host.

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Now make no mistake, Cramer also advocates the development of wind, solar and bio-fuels. His frustration is that the government is looking at those power sources as the only way forward – when Cramer believes the nation would be much better served if they were viewed as part of a greater strategy.

"It is almost as if we are suicidal," the Mad Money host exclaimed. "Mark my words, we are going to crucify our nation on a cross of renewables. It's insanity. "

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