Buckaroo.com Passes 10M Pages of Local Content

San Jose, Sept. 17, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Local shopping, news and events site Buckaroo.com has surpassed ten million pages of local content this week, making it the largest source of local updates for subscribers across North America. Buckaroo organizes and distributes information for over 100,000 communities through its daily newsletter.

"This milestone not only stands as a great feat for Buckaroo.com, but also represents the ongoing need for business owners to reach their community, said Alan Fisher, Co-Founder and Chairman of Buckaroo's parent company Iron Speed, Inc. "We intend to keep this number growing and make local information accessible to everyone."

Originally operating as a deals-only platform, Buckaroo.com works within a marketing-centric business model, providing a place for business news, entertainment and a voice for the average user. Buckaroo's "What's Hot" newsletter gives subscribers a free snapshot of what's happening in their community.

"Currently, we are working to expand the types of information we deliver and to increase our geographic reach," commented Fisher. "This is beneficial for business owners who need a specific audience and subscribers who are genuinely interested in specific things, but have a small exposure to variety."

New categories listing travel, coupons and classifieds information are among the latest improvements to the site. Other changes include new graphical layouts to better merchandise coupons, search text for each category and improved redirect pages that take users to merchant pages even faster.

About Buckaroo

Buckaroo is the online hub for local shopping, news and events. Buckaroo's parent company, Iron Speed, Inc. (www.ironspeed.com), is well-funded with a capital base of over $20M from several strategic investors and executives from AMD, Excelan, Onsale, and Oracle. The company was founded in 1999 and is based in San Jose, CA. Find Buckaroo on Facebook and Twitter to learn more.


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