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The 12 most underrated jobs of 2013

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6. Emergency medical technician

Median salary: $31,020
Hiring outlook (job growth through 2020): 33%

EMT is another surprise on the list. First, it has never made the underrated list before and it definitely isn't low stress OR high pay.

But, the hiring outlook is among the highest on the list, at 33 percent, largely because of the economic recovery.

"You had a lot of cutbacks early in recession in municipal budgets and EMTs were especially hard hit," Lee said. "Now all of that is coming back. Despite the fact that they're not paid very well, they're in big demand," he said.

And, when you're in demand, that means there's a good chance your pay is going to start increasing—and quickly.

"The way municipalities compete against each other is by raising salary," Lee said.

Plus, it takes a special person to be an EMT. So, if that's what you've chosen, there's a good chance you love your job, Lee said.

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