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The most overrated jobs of 2013

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These jobs? Totally overrated!

TV and film characters like Don Draper from "Mad Men" and Gordon Gekko from "Wall Street" may have you thinking that their professions are enviably glitzy, but the truth is, they're not all that glamorous.

Job site CareerCast is out with its annual lists of the most overrated and most underrated jobs and with apologies to Messrs. Draper and Gekko, they're both overrated.

"It's all about perception. It's the perception that it's a great job," said Tony Lee, publisher of CareerCast. "Every one of these overrated jobs, people think of as, 'I've got huge autonomy. I'm in control of my day and I manage everything the way I want to manage it,'" Lee said.

"The reality is that either due to a poor hiring outlook, falling salary, rising stress or a number of other criteria, it's not as great as it appears," he said.

Stress, in particular, is among the biggest factors that land a job on the overrated list. You may think being a CEO is a glamorous world of corner offices and private jets, but in fact, it's a lot of stress. It's overrated.

Lee said these lists are among the most subjective that CareerCast puts together, compared to some of their other lists like the best and worst jobs. Still, the economy has played a huge role in jobs on both the overrated and underrated lists.

When it comes to the impact of the economy on overrated jobs, perhaps some of them lost perks like expensive client lunches, experienced a shift in the type of work they were getting, or have not yet seen their hiring outlook bounce back even though the economy is improving.

To come up with these lists, CareerCast takes a look at 200 jobs, using Labor Department and other statistics. On average, Lee said, hiring in those jobs are expected to increase by about 12 percent during this decade. What's particularly encouraging, he said, is that CareerCast has found more job openings for each one of the occupations on the list than in at least the last five years.

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By Cindy Perman
Posted 17 Sept. 2013

Image source: Cavan Images | Iconica | Getty Images