Acetium attracting the interest of international Key Opinion Leaders - Atrophic gastritis (achlorhydric stomach) might be a reversible condition

HELSINKI, Finland, Sept. 18, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Gastric cancer remains to be among the leading malignancies worldwide, known to develop through a series of well-defined precursor lesions. During the past few months, completely unexpected observations have been reported by an internationally recognized group of Italian gastroenterologists, providing for the first time tentative evidence that Atrophic Gastritis might be reversed by a relatively short-term treatment by Biohit patented Acetium capsules. Treatment period has been 3 months with daily dose of 3 x Acetium capsules 100mg a day. This is the first time when clinical evidence is provided suggesting that AG (a well- established GC precursor) might be a reversible lesion.

Research group led by Italian Professor Francesco Di Mario has followed-up a cohort of 74 dyspeptic subjects with biopsy-confirmed moderate-to-severe AG for up to 6 years using the GastroPanel assay. Authors reported that in a sub-cohort of 21 subjects who received a 3-month therapy with Acetium capsules, the values of serum biomarkers reflecting the function of gastric mucosa were significantly improved towards normal values.

Medical Director Kari Syrjanen, Biohit Oyj: "This is the first time when clinical evidence is provided suggesting that AG (a well- established GC precursor) might be a reversible lesion, following the elimination of the two key risk factors; Helicobacter pylori and acetaldehyde. Although tentative, these results, if confirmed in a well-designed randomized trial, would completely revisit the current concepts on AG as an irreversible condition. Most importantly, this might pave the way to intervention of the pathogenesis of GC by a simple means of eliminating both HP infection and acetaldehyde in the stomach contents with the help of Acetium capsules."

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