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5 industrials Cramer says to become ‘anointed’

Cramer picks anointed stocks
Cramer picks anointed stocks

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Cramer thinks that a handful of stocks are about to become anointed by Wall Street.

That is, due to the mechanics of money management, Cramer believes big 'best of breed' winners are likely to attract buyers as money managers start to spiff up their portfolios into year's end.

These are stocks "money managers buy into weakness, so that they can tell their clients, 'yeah, we own it, we're geniuses,'" Cramer said. "Every fourth quarter these kinds of stocks catch a bid."

The phenomenon, known as window dressing, happens across many sectors. Following are stocks in the that Cramer believes the Street will anoint in the weeks ahead.

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Delta Air Lines

With gains of 97% year to date, Cramer thinks Delta is a buy as the industry consolidates. "Thanks to the reduced competition, it's looking like 2013 will be one of Delta's most profitable years ever. Plus, the company has a number of initiatives underway to continue expanding margins and growing cash flows. Within the industry, Delta is among the strongest players, it has among the highest levels of customer satisfaction in the business and they also consistently generate more revenue than their peers," he said.

Pitney Bowes

Up 74% year to date Cramer says Pitney Bowes is a classic turnaround story. "And that turnaround is going full speed," he said. "I wouldn't necessarily endorse buying Pitney Bowes here, but the once aggressive short-sellers have been backing off, and the market has been very kind to turnaround stories of late, so I wouldn't be surprised if it keeps roaring through the end of the year."

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With gains of 57% year to date, Cramer has liked Boeing for quite some time, despite hiccups with the new 787 Dreamliner. "Demand is so strong the company now has a backlog of business that runs through 2020. It's the only business I know of that can lay out a 20-year plan with any credibility, " Cramer said. Meanwhile, on the defense side, Boeing has cut $3 billion in annual costs, its latest quarter was fantastic, and while the stock has run up a lot lately, it's still selling at just 16 times next year's earnings with a 12% growth rate and I think it's a buy into any market-wide weakness.

Northrop Grumman

Up 45% ytd, Cramer thinks Northrop is also well positioned, even if the sequester triggers new spending cuts. "Northrop Grumman is a lean, mean fighting machine, and it also has a huge buyback that could retire a quarter of its share-count by 2015," Cramer said. "It's exactly the kind of name I'd expect to be anointed by Wall Street as we head into the end of 2013."


Advancing 41% ytd, Cramer said Lockheed is diversified enough to handle any additional weakness that may be triggered by sequester cuts that could go into effect next year. And after investors dumped the stock early in the year, "Lockheed has been coming back with a vengeance," Cramer said. The Mad Money host sees every reason for the trend to continue.

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