Apple's iOS 7 appears to be catching on fast

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The latest version of Apple's mobile operating system debuted Wednesday, with data suggesting that users are quickly transitioning to the software.

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Mixpanel, a mobile analytics firm, pinpoints the rate at which Apple's customers are making the move to iOS 7. Before the launch, according to Mixpanel's research, when only developers had iOS 7, about 3 percent of Internet traffic came from that mobile operating system.

Apple users switch to iOS 7

Today, about 38 percent of Internet traffic is coming from iOS 7.

Tim Bajarin, of Creative Strategies, a high-tech consulting firm, predicts that consumers will appreciate the system's interface. "It looks new but feels familiar," he says. "The lines and color schemes are easier to follow."

More to the point, Bajarin thinks iOS 7 could pique the interest of new users as well, bringing potential new fans into Apple's ecosystem.

—By CNBC's Josh Lipton.