Cramer: Is Bernanke anticipating gov’t shutdown?

In Bernanke we trust?

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After sifting through Fed commentary, Cramer can't help but wonder if Ben Bernanke is preparing the economy for something rather serious.

As a student of history, Cramer believes that the Fed chairman is keenly aware of missteps made in the past.

"He is acutely aware of events in 1937, when the Fed tightened and threw the nationback into a Recession within a Depression."

And Cramer believes Bernanke is also keenly aware of events in late 1995 and early 1996 when the government shut down.

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"Bernanke knows that the shutdown destroyed confidence and drastically cut back business," Cramer said.

At that time, President Bill Clinton and Republican Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich couldn't agree about domestic spending cuts. The resulting impasse lasted from December 16, 1995 until January 6, 1996 and introduced significant uncertainty to the financial markets and reduced government spending in the economy.

Bernanke knows that.

"And he knows Speaker Boehner has adopted a position that is totally antithetical to that of the President," Cramer added.

Quite similar to '95-'96.

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"Mark my words," Cramer said, "had the Fed chief tapered ahead of a government induced slowdown," the negative ripple would be significant, especially with the recovery in such a fragile state.

That's something Bernanke also must know.

Therefore, did Bernanke continue the bond buying program because he's anticipating lawmakers to reprise events of 1995-1996?

Cramer can't help but wonder.

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