Announcing Whitetruffle: Tech Recruiting Platform Enables Any Tech Company to Source Job Candidates for Free, Faster

San Francisco, Calif., Sept. 19, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Whitetruffle, a tech talent-sourcing platform that helps employers increase job candidate leads and introduces candidates directly to the hiring source, has announced its official launch. As the war for talented software developers continues, Whitetruffle uses a proprietary technology to help tech companies source qualified candidates, and make hires for free. Employers will also have the option to upgrade to a monthly subscription package that provides volume leads and optimization tools for faster sourcing.

While in beta over the past year, the Whitetruffle network grew to more than 2,000 employers and 30,000+ job candidates, largely software developers. During this time, it successfully contributed to hires at several hundred fast-growing tech companies, including Asana, Pebble, Eventbrite, LearnVest, and Dropcam.

Whitetruffle's proprietary technology scans about 50 categories of signals in candidate profiles and job requirements to ensure that the right candidate is matched with a relevant position. It takes a "push" approach of matching qualified candidates who are interested in speaking with the employer, sending a notification of a potential match and eliminating the tedious need to dig through a "forest" of resumes or databases for the coveted "Whitetruffle," a.k.a. "candidate." By cutting through the noise, Whitetruffle delivers a better user experience and a higher response rate from the candidates,

Whitetruffle is the brainchild of three co-founders, Alex Deve, Ali Behnam, and Michael A. Morell, who bring a mix of extensive expertise in consumer products and recruiting. Ali and Michael are the founding partners of Riviera Partners, a top global tech recruiting firm headquartered in San Francisco. Alex Deve, Whitetruffle's CEO, was a consumer product executive at Yahoo! for many years.

"The sourcing phase of recruiting is extremely inefficient, making it impossible for companies to grow quickly and secure the attention and interest of the right candidate," says Alex Deve, CEO and co-founder of Whitetruffle. "By coupling our technology with an affordable pricing model, we're removing the friction that stands in the way of innovation, and delivering a better experience that fits the needs of any tech company, as well as those talented developers looking for a new job, or just interested in exploring opportunities for their next best thing."

Whitetruffle (beta) stats:

  • Employers have cut down their talent sourcing time by at least 30-40%
  • About 50% of all hires made through Whitetruffle were from candidates that had a full-time job at the time of the match
  • Pool of candidate concentration is aligned with tech job trends with San Francisco ranking highest, followed by New York City and Seattle

"As a fast growing global company, Eventbrite is hiring aggressively to outpace the large demand of our platform and service around the world," said Greg Stock, Senior Manager of Technical Recruiting for Eventbrite. "Whitetruffle has proved to be a valuable partner by helping us go beyond our networks, and consistently providing a pipeline of highly qualified candidates."

Whitetruffle is privately held, and seed funded by top tier investors, including Jerry Yang of AME Cloud Ventures, Scott Banister, Morado Ventures, and Kima Ventures.

"So many tech companies need to quickly build out their team to compete effectively," said Jerry Yang, co-founder of Yahoo! and investor. "Whitetruffle has made recruiting easy through its innovative matching technology. We are excited to be investors in this rapidly growing organic platform."

About Whitetruffle

Whitetruffle is one of the fastest growing disruptive recruiting platforms on the web. With over 2,000 employers and more than 30,000 candidates in the network, it uses a proprietary technology to match qualified candidates to job openings. It helps employers cut down their time to source talent and directly introduces them to qualified candidates who are willing to speak with them. Whitetruffle's name stems from white truffle hunting, drawing similarities between candidate sourcing and the hunt for that gourmand "jewel", the white truffle, buried deep within forests in Europe. Established in 2011, Whitetruffle is privately held and headquartered in San Francisco, California. For more information and to register, visit

CONTACT: Masami Hirata Vice President of Marketing & Business Development, Whitetruffle Inc. Phone (650) 200-5870 Source: Whitetruffle