Local Ecommerce Merchants Gather to Tackle Payments Fraud

SANTA MONICA, Calf., Sept. 19, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Southern California ecommerce retailers gathered in Santa Monica today to discuss the latest techniques to reduce payments fraud and keep their consumers' data safe.

The roundtable event, hosted by the MRC, a global trade organization focused on operational excellence in the payments and fraud space, is an opportunity for local ecommerce companies to gather together in a neutral environment to share the latest tricks of the trade to stay ahead of fraudsters.

"Industry focused roundtable events are great opportunities for ecommerce merchants to share the latest technologies, strategies and threats to our payments systems," said Ryan Disraeli, vice president of fraud services for Telesign, sponsor of the round table event. "The knowledge and experience that others bring to the table helps all of us increase the efficiency of our payments systems and make sure we are on the forefront of new strategies to reduce payment fraud."

"Payments professionals need all the tools they can get to fight the growing and every changing fraud ecosystem," said MRC Spokesperson Steven Mandurano. "Often the best practices and strategies for mitigating risk and minimizing fraud come from collaborating with fellow ecommerce professionals."

The roundtable event drew 35 individuals from 20 ecommerce companies in southern California.

ABOUT THE MRC: The MRC is the foremost global organization that fully supports and promotes operational excellence for fraud, payments and risk professionals within ecommerce. With a membership of nearly 400 of the world's most prominent merchants and more than 50 category leading solution providers, MRC members report 45 percent less revenue loss due to fraud, 50 percent less manual reviews and 50 percent less fraud related chargebacks.

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