MicroEdge Announces Update to Leading Online Grantee Portal

New York, NY, Sept. 19, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- MicroEdge, LLC, the leading provider of solutions to the giving community worldwide, today announced IGAM 5.5, a major update to the most widely used online application and grantee portal tool. This new release significantly improves the grantee/grantor relationship by facilitating closer collaboration within nonprofit organizations and enabling charitable giving organizations to further streamline grants management.

IGAM allows grantmakers to move paper-based application and reporting processes online. By doing so, organizations can reap significant efficiencies, saving a month or more of staff time every single year. Time that used to be spent manually entering data and administering a paper process can be better spent conducting in-depth analysis of grant applications to ensure that the best projects are funded, processing grants faster, and working closely with grantees to maximize the impact of that funding. Additionally, grantees have access to a convenient and easy-to-use portal to track and manage applications, view status, submit reporting requirements and more. IGAM is currently used by almost more than 700 organizations around the world and to date nearly 2.5 million applications have been submitted to MicroEdge clients using this cloud-based tool.

This newest update to IGAM takes an already powerful solution to the next level by enhancing the overall grantee experience. Applicants now have much greater flexibility in how they work within the portal, with the ability to collaborate dynamically with their colleagues and share ownership of the creation, submission and management of applications and reporting requirements. In addition to security enhancements that make the portal more secure than ever before, the latest release also provides a number of updates that help funders streamline the overall administration of their process. Organizations can better manage incoming applications and improve the quality of data coming into their system with additional options for duplicate checking, and can also archive inactive or unused application and requirements forms with ease.

"This release delivers enhancements to our grantee portal that will not only help foundations manage a more streamlined grant application and award process, but allow them to build stronger relationships with their grantees," says MicroEdge CEO, Preston McKenzie. "The newest version of IGAM will make the application process much easier for grantee organizations by allowing them to better collaborate internally on their applications, as well as making communication between them and the grantor more accessible than ever. Funders will also enjoy better communication with their grantees and more streamlined application management. This release is a win for everyone."


The IGAM 5.5 update coincides with the release of new versions of the core MicroEdge grantmaking and foundation management systems that IGAM supports: GIFTS 6.5, GIFTS Alta 1.6 and FIMS 14. Existing IGAM clients will be notified separately of their specific upgrade schedule and process. The update will be provided free of charge to all current IGAM clients as part of their existing MicroEdge Maintenance and Support, Subscription or Client Care agreement. To learn more about IGAM visit the MicroEdge website.

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