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No Huddle Offense: Your post-Fed plan

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Fed developments suggest cyclical stocks are buys? Yet other developments suggest they're not. Now what?

Putting money to work in the stock market has never been more confusing.

After the Fed announcement earlier in the week, it would seem cyclical stocks are cheap. That is, the Fed essentially telegraphed they won't allow the economy to backslide, didn't they?

However, at the same time housing related stocks tumbled on Thursday even after new data showed that existing home sales rose to a 6 ½ year high last month.

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Investors were spooked by comments made by the National Associate of Realtor chief economist who said the housing market may be experiencing a temporary peak. "Monthly sales are likely to be uneven in the months ahead from several market frictions," he said.

That was enough to generate selling.

With Fed developments suggesting cyclical stocks are 'buys' but other developments suggesting caution, what's an investor to do?

If you're looking to put money to work, the Mad Money host suggests looking at global growth.

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"At this junction, I want to buy companies that aren't impacted by this contradiction at all, companies like the big industrial enterprises that the Fed does not control with its tapering. That is, you want to buy stocks like United Tech and 3M and Emerson Electric that are levered to a turn in Europe and newfound strength in China."

Or Cramer added, he's a buyer of stocks like Boeing and Honeywell. "Again they have nothing to do with the Fed."

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