All you wanted to know about iPhone 5C but were afraid to ask

The new iPhone 5S with fingerprint technology is displayed during an Apple product announcement.
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Apple's newest smartphone models hit stores on Friday in many countries across the world, including Australia and China. The gadget giant for the first time is selling a second smartphone dubbed "5C" featuring a plastic back and bright colors. The pricier "5S" now comes in three new colors - gray, silver and gold.

Technology firm iFixit disassembled a gold-colored iPhone and examined its parts. Following are some of the key components for the iPhone 5S and their makers that have been identified so far:

-- Chips from Avago, Skyworks Solutions are featured in the new iPhone. Companies supplying parts for the new phone also include memory chipmaker Hynix and radio-frequency chipmaker Triquint;

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-- The new fingerprint sensor uses a chip from NXP Semiconductors;

-- There is no single M7 motion co-processor, a new chip that Apple said was part of the iPhone 5S when it unveiled the device last week. The M7 appears to be more a collection of chips, including chips for a gyroscope, accelerometer and compass, iFixit said;

-- BCM5976 chip is used for touchscreen controller;

-- Murata Manufacturing Co's 339S0205 (based on the Broadcom BCM4334) is used in Wi-Fi module;

-- Includes chips from Qualcomm Inc (PM8018 RF power management IC) and Texas Instruments ;

Information is from iFixit, a Web site offering parts and self-repair guides for iPods and Macintosh computers. The company, which has conducted similar "tear downs" on other Apple products, posted step-by-step photos of the process on its Web site at: 5s Teardown/17383/1?singlePage