Breaking Bad iconic memorabilia to go on sale

Daniel Zuchnik | FilmMagic

With just two more episodes left to air of hit TV show Breaking Bad, fans can get a chance to own their own slice of TV history with an online auction of nearly 150 items from the show.

Auction web site said it will start taking bids on September 29 for a whole host of memorabilia from the show, including the iconic Pontiac Aztek used by character Walter White.

At a starting price of $1,000 the Pontiac isn't the most expensive item on auction. Hector Salamanca's wheelchair - complete with explosion damage - kicks off with a price of $5,000.

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According to, Sony Pictures Entertainment – whose spin-off unit created the drama - guarantees that every item is an authentic prop from the show.

Other notable trinkets include the mysterious pink teddy bear (starting price $1,500) which appears at numerous points during the show, including when it tumbles from the wreckage of an airplane. Another iconic item is Walter White's actual copy of Leaves of Grass ($3,000), complete with the now famous inscription, "To my other favorite WW".

AMC beyond 'Breaking Bad'
AMC beyond 'Breaking Bad' revealed the unusual items on Friday, but it's not the only collection that the site is planning on auctioning. Other unwanted props come from This Is the End, a 2013 American apocalyptic comedy film. The company says it wants to be the world's best source for certified authentic, screen-used Hollywood memorabilia and collectibles.

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Cable and satellite television channel AMC has found huge success with Breaking Bad, which depicts a chemistry teacher who starts dealing drugs to support his family. The show is set to come to an end with the conclusion of the much-acclaimed five-season run on September 29. Mad Men - another runaway success for AMC - will begin its final season next year.

Shares of holding company AMC Networks have been on a tear this year posting gains of 32 percent year-to-date. In its latest earnings results, net income tripled to $135.7 million in the second quarter (year-on-year), with advertising revenue increasing by about 14 percent to $147 million.

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