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CNBC Exclusive: CNBC Excerpts: McAfee Anti-Virus Founder John McAfee Speaks with CNBC's Jane Wells Today

WHEN: Today, Friday, September 20th

WHERE: CNBC's Business Day Programming

Following are excerpts from the unofficial transcript of a CNBC EXCLUSIVE interview with former McAfee Anti-Virus Founder John McAfee. Portions of the interview will run throughout CNBC's Business Day Programming.

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JANE WELLS: Who killed him?

JOHN MCAFEE: I have no clue.

WELLS: No clue at all?

MCAFEE: You know Belize is the murder capital of the world. If you look at the statistics more people are murdered in Belize than anywhere. Tourists, disappear all the time. It's not publicized because tourism is 70% of the gross national product of the country. And so it's kept very quiet but it's a very violent, very dangerous place.

WELLS: Did you murder your neighbor?

MCAFEE: Absolutely not.

WELLS: Were you manufacturing drugs?

MCAFEE: Absolutely not.

WELLS: Are you drug free? I mean who's John McAfee right now?

MCAFEE: Do I look drugged up?


MCAFEE: And no one has ever seen me looking drugged up. I've never felt drugged up.

WELLS: That's not really an answer to the question.

MCAFEE: No I'm drug free I've been drug free for 30 something years. I've been alcohol free. I don't drink I don't use drugs.

WELLS: Who do you want to play you in the movie?

MCAFEE: Anyone will work. I actually would like the gentleman from breaking bad. I think that he would be perfect.

WELLS: Some would argue that he's already sort of playing you. If the rumors are to be believed

MCAFEE: Well he's playing me to a certain extent. I mean the his, uh, his arguing with authority I've certainly had many of those in my life. I think he would play me very well.


MCAFEE: You see these people wandering around the park here? If they were all connected in a way where within 50 ft. 100 ft. or something you could set if there were people in your group or friend set or what have you could all be communicating and as you walked, your friend set would constantly change.

WELLS: So very localized?

MCAFEE: A very localized, yes.

WELLS: How much are you worth now?

MCAFEE: I don't know it changes every day. not as much as I used to be. and maybe less than I will be.


Oh I would fire almost everybody. I would. I would fire anybody who'd been there for more than ten years, number one. Because it's become archaic in its thinking, and it's because for so long there was only one thinker in the company and that was Bill Gates. He's a mighty fine thinker I admit. Not very good socially I wouldn't want to have dinner with them however a fine thinker.


MCAFEE: He's a criminal only if you believe the party line that if I created it, it is mine. That's fine if it's your car that's a physical thing that if I take it away from you have physically lost something.

WELLS: But if you're a song writer or a movie director?

MCAFEE: Find another way to make money.

WELLS: Really?

MCAFEE: I'm sorry, I'm sorry here's the problem this is why we need change in companies like -- we need change in Hollywood, we need change in Microsoft we need change in all of these old stuffy tired companies because you're operating on principles that make no sense anymore. We're in a world where we have we have digital data. Do you realize how expensive it is to make it? It's nothing! I can make a zillion copies for zero! what can the value of that be? Zero. I 'm sorry another paradigm is necessary. Sure singers have to get paid, software , I'm a software person I know I wanna get paid, too. But I do not expect to get paid in the same way I got paid 30 years ago. It can't work. The world can't, because you cannot stop what's happening on the internet. You can't stop things like Bitcoin. That is money that can't possibly be traced, you can't stop it. The technology's there, it's like trying to stop gun powder.


MCAFEE: There's really only one hot tech company right now and that's Google. The owner of the world's information is the ruler of the world, this has always been the case.

WELLS: What do you think of the NSA, Google has given information to the NSA other tech companies have.

MCAFEE: Well, ...If I ran Google, I would too they have guns Google does not. This is the way of the world. We're not much different than Hitler's Germany in that respect in terms of if we want information as a government we're gonna get it.


I spent the entire day frantically trying to get in touch with my friends and say this is not true I haven't died and friends some friends called me they'd been crying all morning they couldn't get in touch with me I was on the phone trying to get in touch with other people, or with them, no that's not a fun thing.

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