Arkema announces new, high performance, low GWP blowing agent for polyurethane foams

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KING OF PRUSSIA, Pa., Sept. 20, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Arkema has patented the use of Forane® 1233zd as a blowing agent in the manufacture of polyurethane foams: US Pat. No. 8,314,159 and EP Pat. No. 2,129,709. Forane® 1233zd blowing agent provides exceptional energy performance and environmental benefits over existing blowing agents, such as HCFC, HFC, and hydrocarbon molecules.

As a leading fluorochemical producer with global reach, Arkema is committed to supporting its customers through technical development, competitive solutions, and production investments. Fundamental to this commitment is Arkema's well-established strategy to bring next-generation, low GWP technology to its global markets. The development of the Forane® 1233zd blowing agent, in addition to Arkema's recent announcement of planned production for the next-generation refrigerant, HFO-1234yf, are the latest milestones in this strategy.

Forane® 1233zd blowing agent is a liquid, non-ozone depleting, non-flammable, high performance blowing agent with a global warming potential of 7. In trials at a manufacturer of household refrigerators and freezers, an unoptimized system based on Forane® 1233zd blowing agent delivered a 3% improvement in energy efficiency versus HFC 245fa and surpassed 2014 DOE energy standards. In other evaluations conducted by Arkema, Forane® 1233zd blowing agent provided a 6% improvement in insulation value versus HFC 245fa, a 7% improvement versus HCFC 141b, and a 16% improvement versus hydrocarbons.
"In all of these evaluations, in several different polyurethane foam applications, Forane® 1233zd blowing agent has consistently demonstrated outstanding ease of use," noted Nancy Storoz, Global Business Manager for Arkema fluorochemicals foams and 134a refrigerants, "It requires minimal equipment modifications and formulation changes, while outperforming HCFCs, HFCs and hydrocarbons in terms of energy efficiency, R value, and vapor pressure."

Target markets for Forane® 1233zd blowing agent include polyurethane foams used in the manufacture of household refrigerators and freezers, commercial refrigeration, spray foam, and polyurethane panels for commercial and residential building and construction applications.

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