Morning Six-Pack: What we're reading Friday

The dog days of summer...
Patti Domm | CNBC
The dog days of summer...

Happy Friday. Enjoy summer while it lasts, which is, like, one more day.

Markets will always find something to worry about it, so it seems like the debt ceiling impasse in Washington is as good a reason as any to fear that great big correction that hasn't happened yet. (The Inquisitr)

Another reason to worry: The Federal Reserve may have blown the best chance it had to begin cutting back on its $85 billion a month bond-buying program. (Business Insider)

Feeling blue today? Just say "rupee" a few times. Guaranteed to cheer you up. Meanwhile, have you heard the one about the central banker who stopped crisis measures after the crisis was over? Sounds like a fantasy, but it's true. (The Globe and Mail)

Something else to worry about: That trend of low-quality job creation is unlikely to change anytime soon. (Economix/New York Times)

Something to at least think about: All those quote-unquote experts who say tapering and tightening are two different things are wrong. Hence, the absence of taper. (FT Alphaville)

And,'s really something to ponder: The markets may just be saying they want Ben Bernanke to stay on as Fed chairman and keep the bottomless punch bowl going.'s Katie Holliday explains.

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