Real-life Super Mario Brothers and other geeky icons!

If you're looking to jack up your geek cred, here are some tips.

First - make sure you dress up like gaming icons Mario & Luigi, show off your freerunning skills and do some serious digital editing along the way.

Or you can pay homage to video game greatness by humming your way through the tune of a legendary puzzle title ... 8 times.

If gaming is not your thing - you can always get off your couch, call a few friends and do some wicked tricks with your old Nerf collection.

Even billionaires are getting into the geeky game. Just ask Richard Branson and check out his current pet project, Virgin Galactic, which is slated to officially blast off sometime in 2014.

Whatever your style is, you can see all these eye-catching examples in our latest episode of Geeked Out.