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Cramer: Is Apple getting its game back?

Not all stocks trade on earnings: Cramer
Not all stocks trade on earnings: Cramer

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Plenty of skeptics have delighted in dissing Apple. But it appears Apple may have the last laugh.

Over the week-end, Apple said it sold 9 million new iPhones.

The total stunned the Street; it's nearly double the number sold in 2012 when the last iPhone launched. The total is also far greater than the consensus forecast, which was 6 million.

"In one weekend Apple sold about as many phones as some analysts expected to be sold for the whole lifecycle," Cramer added.

That's impressive.

Looking at these developments, it appears Apple skeptics were too eager to tear down the gadget maker.

The iPhone 5C.
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""The skeptics were way too linear," Cramer said. "They forgot that a new phone is more of an art form than it is a subjective device. They thought the device wanting. They got it wrong. The device is loved."

It's very loved.

"The reviews were so universally positive that customers were perfectly willing to pay a premium price," Cramer said.

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It's possible the strength in sales combined with the premium pricing is already having an impact on the bottom line.

On Monday Apple also said revenue in the fiscal fourth quarter would gravitate toward the high end of its previous forecast for $34 billion to $37 billion. Apple rarely adjusts its outlook in the middle of a quarter.

That's exactly the kind of development that Cramer said should drive shares higher. "I said last week the new iPhone should move the needle," Cramer reminded.

It appears the needle is already moving. By the end of Monday's session shares of Apple closed up 5%.

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